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What is the point of some volunteering projects?

Here’s an interesting first person perspective on a volunteering experience which raises an important question – what is the point of some volunteering projects? This is a great example of a project where volunteers may find that what they do … Continue reading

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Another perspective on volunteering – “Does Voluntourism do more harm than good?”

Here is another interesting article from last week, “Does Voluntourism do more harm than good?” which appeared on the Travelmole website and in the Vision on Sustainable Tourism newsletter. Gopi Parayil gives a local perspective on the dangers of volunteer … Continue reading

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The responsible volunteering debate rages

It has been a busy week for debating about “voluntourism”. I have about 8 tabs open with different articles, blogs and comments about responsible volunteering. It all seems to stem from this article in the Independent newspaper’s Voices section, titles … Continue reading

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It’s all about the preparation

For any kind of volunteer placement, whether it is 2 weeks or 2 years, preparation and research are essential. This could be something that is easily overlooked by volunteers when they can purchase a placement from a volunteering organisation with … Continue reading

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Positive stories from volunteering in Ghana

Through my job at Oxford University Alumni Office, I have been promoting an alumni volunteering programme run by Yale University which Oxford alumni can also join.  I’ve received some amazing feedback from volunteers who went on one of the Yale … Continue reading

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Unmissable presentation on Responsible Volunteering from World Travel Market

This presentation is well worth watching in full as it presents some of the key perspectives and issues about volunteer tourism. In particular, Sallie Grayson of the volunteering organisation people and places and Paul Miedema of Calabash Tours in South … Continue reading

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Interesting documentary on volunteering in orphanages

Here is another interesting documentary on volunteering in orphanages, which raises some of the key points why inexperienced volunteers should avoid this kind of volunteer tourism.  

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