Positive stories from volunteering in Ghana

Through my job at Oxford University Alumni Office, I have been promoting an alumni volunteering programme run by Yale University which Oxford alumni can also join.  I’ve received some amazing feedback from volunteers who went on one of the Yale Alumni Service Corps volunteering programmes in August 2012. They joined a group of about 150 volunteers to support a community in Yamoransa, Ghana.

What I really like about this project is how well it has been set-up and organised by the team at Yale (who incidentally are mostly volunteers themselves) and how it demonstrates that a short period of volunteering from a mixed group can still be very effective if it is developed in close consultation with the local community and based on their needs. It has definitely made me rethink my views on short-term, unskilled volunteering and I would like to see more examples of these kind of volunteering programme promoted more widely. I will definitely post more examples on my blog when I come across them!

Take a read through the volunteers’ feedback – they describe in their own words the contribution they were able to make and how the community responded.


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I'm interested in travel, learning about other countries and cultures, responsible tourism, environmental issues and wildlife. I like being outdoors and beautiful scenery can really move me and reinvigorate me. I enjoy walking and am planning to get a rescue dog to keep me company on my strolls. I also love to write stuff. I've set up my own website (www.responsiblevolunteering.co.uk), written blogs on topics I'm interested in and written various articles about volunteering overseas. I've always enjoyed writing in my previous jobs. I'm a bit of a creative all rounder - I can draw and make things. It's something I'd like to do more of! I love art and photography and go to exhibitions when I can. I am currently teaching English as a second language in Worcestershire, where I live. I have an eclectic career story. My professional background is in travel and tourism and the charity sector. I have worked for a major holiday company, specialist tour operator and coordinated a University alumni travel programme. Most recently I've worked for a Destination Management Organisation and local government tourism department focusing on promoting the Cotswolds primarily via social media. I also worked for VSO, the international development volunteering charity for 6 years as a Volunteer and Placement Adviser and have done bits and bobs of volunteering with different charities.
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